Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 2


Ha won’s an optimistic girl that’s until life gives her lemons and she hesitates but then decides to make lemonades out of it. Every other person here has one problem or the other. Mommy issues, daddy issues, family issues, this issue, that issue, first love issue, heart-broken issue… 

We don’t know yet what happened to them in the past so we can’t just sympathize so the guys seem arrogant jerks who love to fight with each other.


They were about to kiss, why did you stop them Hye ji???Cry you annoying clingy woman who will never get a guy. I hate women like her they don’t know how to back off or when to step down. Okay, I know she’s a “history” with Hyun min and he changed after going through something ten years ago and he acts all high and mighty and uses her to get out of a situation by kissing her and I hate him for that but he’s clearly stated he doesn’t have any feelings for her and she is stepping on Ji woon’s heart like Hyun min is doing to her. I NEED HELP.

Hyun min’s magic can’t work for long because its a lie. Okay so who are the three kids in the picture Hyun min’s?

Grandpa can’t control Ji woon but that doesn’t mean he can give him pain, poor soul is already gloomy. I hate Ji woon’s attitude though and it comes to bite him back when he becomes penniless and has to ask Ha won for help.

Seo woo seems like a harmless puppy and he even deleted the harsh messages from Ha won’s phone, from her step family, when he returns it after getting his phone switched with her.


I like the grandpa but not his way of handling his grandsons. I loved how he described his grandsons: a player, a thug and a good for nothing. The tension he had to bring his grandsons together and tame them finds a ray of light when he meets Ha won. He offers her a deal she’s to work for him for just 3 months and make his grandsons a decent human being and she can have whatever she wants but she refuses it but then with nowhere to go she accepts the offer.

Ha won’s step family shows their fake love to her when her father comes. My eyes hurt and I have a headache that’s how much I rolled my eyes at them. Daddy Eun doesn’t believe in Ha won and believes in whatever the step family says and then he drops the bomb. She’s not his daughter. Her “family” never liked her and hated her more when her name’s linked with Hyun min but this is too much.

I was so happy and wondering who should I root for and there comes a no dating rule and birth secret. There goes my shipping. *TWIST* She’s sister to the boys. She can have the bodyguard then.


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