38 Task Force Episode 15-16 END


Thank you for the entertainment! I will never ever con. I know it needs skills but watching this I wanted to try once.

While watching I was like, Wait! I need to breathe, everything is jumbled in my head. Who is working with whom? I kept thinking it’s a plan, a feint. Drama always plays with my mind. It loves to throw curve balls and I’m unable to see them forget about catching them. Its one of those moves that the drama plays, I shouldn’t get dishearten…things will work out after all it’s the last episodes but I couldn’t stop thinking for the worse…

-phew- It’s all a plan to get Choi Chul woo even though there were unexpected bumps like burner switching sides and skinny Ahn trying to be a macho man and me biting my nails at every betrayal. But everything ended well even though there’s no romance. NICE!

Choi Chul woo pays his taxes. Fishy cops goes back to jail. Ma jin seok’s unexpectedly a good man. Mayor coming out clean to the citizens and Sung ll. Jung do takes the fall and hopefully will come out soon. He always called Sung ll “ahjussi” and I teared up when he called him “hyung”. The most unexpected thing was Jung do meeting Park Woong chul in the prison. Woong chul’s Ma Dong seok’s name in Bad Guys and he plays Sung ll in 38 Task Force.

Yes, I’m ready for the crossover between 38 Task Force and Bad Guys or you guys can jump in the same drama. Two Ma Dong seoks won’t hurt at all.


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