W-Two Worlds Episode 6


Nokia connecting people. W making people crazy in anticipation..

What just happened!!!? How is this happening? Yeon joo has definitely something to do with it or why was she smiling…of course she went back to the webtoon world but she’s a prisoner there.

vlcsnap-2016-08-05-15h17m14s505.pngThe glasses guy has no lens in his glasses? You duped me.

vlcsnap-2016-08-05-15h20m27s783.pngWhy did the gun work when it’s from the webtoon world? Then why did it disappear along with the bullet? Chul’s body was never found because he traveled back to his world then how come the faceless killer was in Yeon joo’s world? Is the killer controlling the webtoon? It’s because of him the webtoon isn’t ending. Does he want a face and a name? Is it Chul who controls the webtoon and he can’t die because he hasn’t caught the killer yet. Is it Yeon joo’s feelings that control the webtoon? Will daddy Oh draw again now that the things have taken a change? Who draws and uploads the webtoon?

vlcsnap-2016-08-05-15h43m07s653.pngThe faceless killer’s scary. Yeon joo suddenly finding herself in water and then in river was scary. Her blind date’s the most scariest thing.




3 comments on “W-Two Worlds Episode 6

  1. Jo says:

    I kept saying wait what? The whole episode haha and when the assistant didn’t have lenses haha I was shocked but just just laughed because it makes sense. I think it worked because its connected to Chul but when he “died” it disappeared with him because he became unreal (does that make sense?) I forgot about the unknown killer but it makes sense because his mission is to kill Chul so they are connected qhich means wherever Chul goes he gpes to too, which was scary. I love that YJ brought him back but I want to know how and OMG ep 7 preview looked so cute!!


  2. Miss Khan says:

    but i don’t think the glasses have anything to do with Chul or the webtoon.
    why does this killer wants to kill Chul? what’s Chul done? why kill his family?
    daddy Oh never thought about the killer when he made that character and all of a sudden its moving on its own…this is turning out to be a horror drama.
    im keeping myself spoiler free but i did saw the preview….ep 7 COME NOW!!!


  3. Snowpumpkin says:

    Drama glasses never have lenses. I’m not sure why they left that scene in making it hilariously obvious though!


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