Beautiful Mind Episode 13-14 END


The drama has ended and I feel so empty. It took all my emotions with it but it gave me a beautiful and a happy end.

Even though Young oh says he can’t feel anything, he goes to great lengths to save Jin sung’s life on cost of his own life and job. He cares more about his patients and their feelings. Since he’s worn that green T-shirt, and has embarrassed everyone, his dressing style’s changed. He doesn’t wear black suit anymore but white shirt and a black bow tie…loose that bow tie please. His relationship with his father has changed for the better. Love is the only thing he can give to Jin sung….and kisses.

Was the wheel chair guy a bad dude or was it daddy Lee’s fault for not admitting his mistake?

Min Jae till the end made me angry. How can she think about getting back together when she was one the one who betrayed Young oh instead of helping him after she realized what he went through. She couldn’t do what Jin sung did in a short span of time.

Suk joo didn’t join the evil side. The cell research had side effects and thank God Young oh was not blamed for it. Evil baddies never got to make BIG money as they planned and the chairman threw his colleague under the bus.

The most hilarious thing’s the group of five doctors’ called “power rangers”. Young oh at least knew the name of four….”and you”. I laughed so hard and got almost kicked out of the room by my sister.

I will surely miss this drama T_T


2 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 13-14 END

  1. Drama Fan says:

    Thanks for all your recaps. I’ll miss this drama so much. Lol about your sister kicking you out for laughing. The power rangers were awesome on the last episode. My favorite scene was their selfie with LYO. LYO looked so defenseless and cute! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^____^
      I’ll miss this drama too.
      My sister was sleeping and i suddenly started laughing loudly so…
      Seeing power rangers in the last episode made me wish if they were Young oh’s friends from the start he would have been different. The selfie scene was really really really cute, poor Young oh

      Liked by 1 person

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