38 Task Force Episode 11-12


No, this wasn’t supposed to be happening. I’m here sitting with my jaw wide open and wondering what went wrong. This drama is playing with my heart and brain and mind and lungs. I want the con team back together!!!

Jung do is a broken soul. He had to go through so much in his life. It’s no wonder we root for him when he conned, those people deserve this. They ruined his life and career.

Okay so Jung do was acting on a plan all along. His parents were framed and blamed and thrown in jail and Jung do was thrown in jail as well by fishy cop so he wouldn’t be able to take revenge for his parents on Bang Pil gyu. In the prison Jang do started his plan of conning and he never confused the two Sung lls. He wanted the third division Sung ll to join his team for the hatred and grudge he had towards those rich people who never pay their taxes. The detective friend of Sung ll was helping Jung do. He’s once a team with fishy cop and Jung do’s father and hates fishy cop for being a corrupt cop.

Bang Pil gyu’s confidence in getting the money back makes Jung do take some drastic steps. Then Pil gyu goes on his knees and apologizes for what he did to his parents and begs to return the money and all of this goes in vain. Jung do asks wallet to help and she helps him because the chairman asked her.

Choi Chul woo disposes Pil gyu and his family so no one can reach him and from the taxation office takes the other Sung ll with commissioner Ahn out. Ahn feels betrayed and asks Sung ll to take Choi Chul woo down.

Choi Chul woo won’t give his 100million tax so he asks the mayor to dismiss the tax collecting office.

Mayor is Sung hee’s father? Why do I feel like this was mentioned before and I forgot? He’s not a good guy. He asks Sung ll to stop and return to being a normal worker he’s before but Sung ll had already made his mind and won’t change it.

Sung ll feels his world’s crashing down by Jung do and detective friend’s betrayal and he thinks Jung do was going to blame him after everything has ended but I can’t find myself believing this.

Jung do and Sung ll patch up after fighting and spending time together in the prison and they decide to con Chul woo and I was thinking this all was going way too smooth. How can only two of them con such a big fish and DAMMIT they fell right in the trap made by those who love money. Damn you to hell skinny Ahn.

Jung do thinks Sung ll betrayed him. He’s told that and to put the nail in the coffin Sung ll testifies against him in the court so that the tax office can be saved and Jung do gets a 10 year jail time.

Better late than never- Gold tells Sung hee the truth about Jung do so they can solve the misunderstanding.


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