W-Two Worlds Episode 1


It’s like a dream come true. Many times we feel while watching or reading the need to jump in to solve the things for our favorite characters but that’s just a wish that will be never be fulfilled…not anymore. W-two worlds is here to let us experience that exact exciting moment if you want to or not.



W is the name of the webtoon in the real world and its artist is our heroine’s, Oh Yeon joo, father. He suddenly disappears leaving the final episode of the webtoon and everyone gets worried.


Oh Yeon joo is a doctor and one of the fans of the main character, Kang Chul, of the webtoon. She’s surprised to learn her father wanted to kill Kang Chul when he’s loved by all. As she looks at the draft of Kang Chul soaked in blood a hand reaches out of the screen and pulls her in. She doesn’t connect the dots at the moment and tries to save the guy in front of her and is surprised to learn the name of the severely injured guy is also Kang Chul.


After saving the life she somehow gets back to the real life from the webtoon and that’s when she realizes what’s going on but she doesn’t know why it’s going on. The webtoon gets posted (webtoon team thinks its daddy Oh) and it’s not ending anymore and a new female doctor character is introduced. Yeon joo can’t wrap her head around what’s happening.


Kang Chul’s story starts when he’s seventeen and wins a gold medal in the Olympics and all the happiness comes crashing down when he’s arrested for killing his own family. He gets a verdict of not guilty but he’s not interested in his life anymore where people still think he did it. He decides to end his life but his will for catching the real culprit wins. 10 years later he becomes a billionaire HOW? and gets stabbed. For now we need to wait patiently as him. He’s also waiting for Yeon joo and calls her a key to his life.


Rather than being eaten by him I will eat him instead”. I know this creepy picture. I have seen it somewhere. But I can’t remember what’s it called.


To be continued



3 comments on “W-Two Worlds Episode 1

  1. Jo says:

    I think its from Dante’s Inferno (will check later) i liked the first ep can’t wait for the 2nd

    Liked by 1 person

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