38 Task Force Episode 9-10


Be still my heart. Every week is a roller coaster ride and I’m happy to be a part of it but please don’t give me mini heart attacks.

What kind of person is Jung do? He became a bad guy in Sung hee’s eyes but still has feelings for her. He helps Sung ll and appears as a friend but is he really one? Is this all Jung do’s plan to catch the even bigger fish, Choi Chul Wo? Were we naive to believe in a con man after all?

Was fishy cop right about Jung do? Why were we shown the face of the chairman in the prison? Can commissioner Ahn eat something and grow some meat? I’m more worried about his health than him catching the con team. Will Sung hee join the con team? Will she forgive Jung do? Is Jung do a good person, please say YES!

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