Mirror of the Witch Episode 19-20 END


I was contemplating if I should watch the last episode or complete the novel I’m reading…

and the drama ends on a blank note, at least for me. Here I was crying and sobbing and worried heck and I got the end which I don’t understand. But at least Jun and Yeon hee got married and both were ready to sacrifice themselves. No more sacrifices Jun becomes a doctor and we get a 40 year time jump and after that I’m lost to what happened.

Out of nowhere a random person popped with the curse book and I still don’t have any idea who saved the young monk. He got his happy ending with the gambler girl. Poong yeon got his senses back and realized his feelings for Yeon hee and then helps his father in making the fire in which head priest walks with the witch. Heo Ok also changed or something…don’t know, don’t care.

The drama should have ended with 16 episodes.

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