Beautiful Mind Episode 7-8


OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod! So much is happening and its hard to digest.

Why Suk joo…Why? Why did you turn to the bad side? You’re the only one who wanted Young oh to come back and find the evidence and stop the cell project and now you’re happily explaining to the press how it’s approved.

Young oh you beauty, he gets back his lost confidence and this is all thank to Jin sung who helps him realize the relationship between families and strangers and helps him connect the emotions. We see this when Jin sung feels betrayed by Suk joo and Young oh is there to comfort her. Her crying affects him. That means his wish for feeling emotions is coming true!? Maybe not but he likes her company because she was there when no one else was and she doesn’t look at him like other people do.

Love Young oh’s confidence when he says, the hospital needs him and that’s exactly what happens and he walks in like he owns it. 

Are all the dads in drama land cruel?

Who would have thought Suk joo’s from wealthy family? He left them because he didn’t like the way his father conducted business and guess what he’s doing the same, walking on the dark path.

Then we have the chairman’s father who only wants to make money. Damn old geezer almost died but nope money-making comes first. No wonder his sons are like that too.

Last but not the least daddy Lee. Give me one reason I should like this man.

Special mention of Min jae – loved when she was humiliated and loved when Young oh didn’t bother talking to her.


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