D. Gray-man Hallow Episode 2


That’s the spirit Allen.

Okay, so no one cares Cross died and his body disappears leaving his gun and mask behind. 2nd Innocence?


Hitler biatch points his finger at Allen


and Allen responds the same way.


Hitler biatch knows that its someone from the order working without permission. Yes, Malcolm whatever Rouvellier? Lvellie? will be called Hitler Biatch from now on because its easy to pronounce.


Cross leaves a message for Allen.


Allen isn’t locked up yet because Hitler biatch needs him. But he’s to be killed if he becomes Fourteenth- Allen says this himself but he won’t let Fourteenth attack the order.


Allen with his “best friend” Kanda and Marie and Mr Dots aka Link go on a mission to catch Phantom G and it turns out it’s a young boy named Timothy and he’s has Innocence which enables him to switch bodies. And when there is Innocence there are Akumas and those level 2,3,4 make our guys miserable.


Noooooooo! I’m going back to watch the crown scene again and again. It’s so funny why make the ending so seriously drastic?




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