38 Task Force Episode 7-8


The way our team cons is beautiful be it of someone low-level or someone who has to pay millions. I cheer for them like a seal. The sweetest ting was Sung ll wishing for Jang do never to be caught.

Sung hee trying to help Sung ll gets herself in trouble by the higher-ups. To think that an apology would be enough to Bang Pil gyu was my mistake. He tries to frame her for bribing but things take a lot worse turn and Sung ll once again finds himself asking for Jung do’s help.

6 years ago the case of Sung ll’s friend is tied to Bang Pil gyu and is mentioned again and again. Bang Pil gyu’s using the same method of framing like he did back then.

Jang do’s father finally spoke but he asked his son not to do it. There are 3 people Jang do wants to bring down one’s the fishy cop and he’s already in cell and 2 more to go but who are they?

Jang do takes Bang Pil gyu’s son and Sung ll comes with a plan for the daughter. HURRAH for more scamming. 

Fishy cop knows Bang Pil gyu but he’s not interested in taking the fishy cop out so the fishy cop meets Sung ll and wants to know how much does he know about Jang do.

Is mayor a good man? Is he growing conscience?

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