Lucky Romance Episode 13-14


Gary and Amy give up on their one-sided love.

Gary and Soo ho become friends.

Gary finds his father.

Lil sis can talk now and Bo nui’s more than happy.

Everyone in ZeZe knows about Soo ho and Bo nui and Dal nim and coffee guy are about to become a couple as well.

Had a feeling this lovey dovey is the calm before the storm.

The game “If” gets launched with a virus because of that stupid technician who was hovering around ZeZe. He’s the ex employee of Soo ho. The security guard vanishes and it looks like he was in the plan as well but that wasn’t the case. He says he went after that man but who is to believe him?

Soo ho loses everything, his fame and wealth but he takes responsibility and creates an anti-virus for the game anonymously with the help of chicken guy.

Bo nui wants to believe that the bad things that are happening are not because of her but the fortune-teller insists that she’s the cause and Soo ho will lose everything and Soo ho gets in to an accident in front of Bo nui…he saves her.


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