38 Task Force Episode 5-6


This drama makes conning so much fun and I want to join the team. I just love how they get around any difficulty that comes their way and successfully con Jin seok and then happily announce it to him. Hurrah wallet joined back and that pesky annoying fishy cop digs his own grave and gets arrested because he’s working out of his jurisdiction and was arresting a man without any evidence.

If only Sung hee changes a bit everything is good then. She’s trying to help Sung ll to keep his job and this con erases any hope and this is news to Jung do and to compensate he asks the team to con those filthy rich who never pay so Sung ll can keep his job. So our bad guys are the good guys!? They all agreed without any complain! There must be some negotiation done and we are not shown that yet. Why would four people help a stranger? Oh! They got satisfaction by doing the good work because all their lives they’ve been doing illegal things, so this feels like a nice change to them.

I really wonder from where Sung hee’s confidence comes from. This girl makes such head scratching decision and goes after those filthy rich people no one dares to touch and comes back empty-handed with her head hanging and not to forget the humiliation she has to go through.

Till now you are safe that’s until you haven’t touch people higher than Jin seok who haven’t paid their taxes. The higher-ups in the tax office are scared of them as well and we get two names, Bang Pil gyu and Choi chil wo. They have entered the story to shake things up and act all innocent.

So who was that man who called wallet to help Jung do? Jung do is doing “something” for Sung ll he stops talking to burner when Sung ll enters and pretends they’re talking about something else.

I was right when I said Jung do was in love with Sung hee. He didn’t want to scam her but we kinda know what happened. But why was Jung do thinking about her at the time of the accident? Dude you’re getting late for your con.


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