Mirror of the Witch Episode 15-16


You just can’t guess what’s going to happen and this is just one of the traits of this drama. Throughout entertaining is another. Acting is another and the list can continue. Oh and I really love the clothes Jun wears now.

Jun assures the king it’s the witch’s black magic and asks for his help in imprisoning her so he can prove the illness has nothing to do with Yeon hee. At this time Jun had no idea the head priest’s under the witch’s spell but meeting him he realizes that it’s the witch speaking through him but there comes a moment the head priest regains consciousness and tells Jun to look in the curse book. Jun secretly meets Yeon hee and she tells him to make the truth potion but the potion will work only if the drinker wants to tell the truth.

Jun with the young priest’s help prepares the potion and then head priest puts the smokey thing in it and no one knows about it. The king drinks the potion and things go wrong and Jun’s arrested. Yeon hee and Jun are brought in front of the king and Jun speaks back to him asking if he’s scared and wants to be acknowledged. A mark appears on the king and he gets emotional and tells how hard it’s to be a king and yes he wanted to be acknowledged as a great king for his subjects but things were not going the way he wanted and then he got this illness. The next moment he coughs and smokey thing comes out from his mouth. Hence, proved it’s all witch’s doing. A candle lits up in Yeon hee’s temple. Woohoo Jun and the king become friendly. Jun asks for a favor from the king butt then he says he will ask for one when the time comes. Ominous?

Its time the witch gets punished but she pleads not guilty because all she did was follow orders and help those in trouble. Jun brings the red robe and she confesses the witch ordered her to do the killings and take the hearts. They both are thrown in the jail and Poong yeon can’t believe Sol gae was fooling him but he sets her free because they were once friends.

Poong yeon still wants to bring the old Yeon hee back and this time visits the witch. She tells him his fire can remove the curse and confirms this with his possessed father. Now we were all busy hating Poong yeon and he surprises us and the witch. Great, I feel bad now because I didn’t like Poong yeon but the thing is I don’t want him to end with Yeon hee. Why did you turn around, be the bad guy so I can hate you.

The gang wants to stop the witch from using black magic and the head priest in his senses tells them they have to burn the blade of black magic in holy fire. Yeon hee meets the witch and Jun raids her place and finds the blade. Head priest told him not to waver or the black magic will take control over him and it really felt Jun was crumbling under the black magic but he then shows his radiant smile to the witch who came back because she was suspicious and Poong yeon lights up the fire and Jun throws the blade in it. The witch coughs up blood and there’s not much time lift for Yeon hee either and there are still 3 candles to go. Wait, is the counting of the candles wrong or my math?

According to the witch if she dies the head priest will die too. Is there no way to save him? Is witch powerless now that her blade’s gone? So what did the witch whispered in Poong yeon’s ear? Will he turn bad/evil and give me happiness? If the head priest put the shadowy thing in the potion then how come the potion still had its real effect on the king? the bottles were switched?

I will not like anyone who comes between Jun and Yeon hee and queen dowager is doing that. She wants Yeon hee to keep a distance from Jun because he’s just a commoner. She doesn’t like Jun near Yeon hee…and guess what I don’t like you.

There’s one secret yet to be reveled. Yeon hee has no idea about her biological mother the shaman, and did Yeon hee got her powers from her or is this really a curse?


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