Lucky Romance Episode 11-12


I wanted to watch Wanted but the first episode was so slow I gave up T_T

For me at least there’s no story. There’s just a guy and a girl in love. Everyone including me has fallen for the guy’s charms and have forgotten about the flaws in the story.

After rejecting and rejecting and rejecting and rejecting and some more rejecting Bo nui finally accepts Soo ho and they do all the cutesy and lovey-dovey stuff.

Bo nui’s sister opens her eyes.

Chicken guy once was a game developer.

The friendship between Suu ho and coffee guy is great.

Clumsy Dal nim should find an awesome guy. She coolly accepts she isn’t the one for Soo ho. Coffee guy and her make a cute couple though.

It feels like something bad is going to happen.

There’s a suspicious guy and he says he’s a technician? I just hope the new game doesn’t get leak this time.

Gary after annoying the hell out of me disappears somewhere and Amy needs to follow as well.

The tension between Soo ho’s parents is taking a different turn.


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