Disappointed in myself

I started writing because I wanted to improve my writing skills which will help me in the future and the best thing was to show it to others so the readers can point out the flaws but I’m not succeeding in it.

I need feedback. It can be anything like, β€œyou need to work on the vocabulary, your English is week…get it?, your recap is boring/confusing/not interesting, you need to stop writing…etc etc.”

I even gave you help of stars…Rate it. Doesn’t matter even if it’s a half.

Maybe I’ll get discouraged and stop writing once and for all and this of course will not affect you but it will be a different story for me.

9 comments on “Disappointed in myself

  1. Jo says:

    Keep writing! I love your recaps and I like that you try to engage your readers. I promise to start critiquing your writing πŸ˜€ as long as you don’t stop writing also, keep your voice and wrote because you want to not because you think you need too or because you’re trying to please others (I used to do that and I almost stop writing). Keep doing you😜

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  2. Please find energy to continue posting. We need you!!!

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  3. When I finish writing something I want to hid under my desk for a week. Look forward to reading your work.

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