Mirror of the Witch Episode 13-14


It doesn’t take much effort from Yeon hee to defeat the witch and minions and she even takes her brother’s urn with her. -love when she uses her powers. The witch of course couldn’t sit still and strikes back to take the urn and this time Jun interferes and takes it back from the red robe aka Sol gae. He unmasks her and she threats him not to tell Poong yeon. We will see if Jun reveals her identity to Poong yeon or she would just change her heart while being captive and will side with Jun. And just I was thinking that Jun shows to Sol gae that she’s no value to the witch as she sends her minions to kill her and at the same time shows the king that red robe’s all witch’s doing. Poor Sol gae just cries. Go and stop Poong yeon before he does something stupid.

It’s too late for the king to turn his back on the witch, she threatens him with his life and tells him not to doubt her and then promises to cure him.

Yeon hee is dying, she’s to lit the remaining candles in the given time. She asks young priest not to tell Poong yeon or Jun about it but she’s forgetting Jun already read the curse book and knows what’s going on.

This felt like a game of chess. King made a move as he wanted to capture Yeon hee but the queen dowager was smarter and she formally introduced Yeon hee as the princess. Oh how much I loved when the witch had to bow to the princess but then she manages to blurt from the queen dowager how Yeon hee should have died for her son to be still alive and ACK Yeon hee and Jun hear everything. NOOOOOO. But then the queen dowager takes a bold and brave step and smashes the urn on the floor. The crown prince’s black evil soul turns white and leaves. -did it became a wandering spirit or went to sky?- Yeon hee and Jun, to soothe the pain in the queen dowager’s heart, prepare a dream portion, so she can dream of the person she wishes to meet, and she dreams of her son that night and a candle lits up for Yeon hee. Before we rejoice of the victory, the witch strikes again. She curses the queen dowager and engraves the talisman to stop the curse on the king’s body and then she tells the king and Poong yeon that someone is trying to kill the king.

Poong yeon would you please stop getting played by the witch. You’re literally in her hands and without her possessing you, you are acting as her puppet. Now I’m sure the feelings Poong yeon has for Yeon hee is not love that’s just obsession or why else would he ask witch if there’s a way to win someone’s heart through necromancy. No, there’s none, you moron. Or I wouldn’t have been single.

Yeon hee get’s worried about her mother and Jun and young priest take it upon themselves to find the talisman and land in the king’s room and of course this creates a misunderstanding and the king is not willing to listen to anything and Poong yeon is just following whatever witch’s feeding him but still he couldn’t kill Yeon hee. Yeon hee sees the talisman mark on the king’s chest and stabs him with the special knife and lands in prison. Jun and young priest manage to escape and frankly I was surprised Poong yeon helped them.

Go Jun Go. Go Go Go. Jun asks the king to let go of Yeon hee and he’ll help him cure the illness which is because of the witch and her black magic and not because of Yeon hee and her curse. At least one person got his senses back, now only Poong yeon needs to follow.

Young priest knows something is wrong with the head priest but he doesn’t have a heart to tell Yeon hee about it. Head priest asks to kill him if he becomes possessed again as he doesn’t want Poong yeon nor Yeon hee to see him in the evil state. Moreover, he gives the last page of the curse book to young priest so the witch can never know how to stop Yeon hee from breaking her curse.

Head priest loses his power surprising the witch because she wanted him to kill Yeon hee. She soon realizes the power has been passed down to his son and she makes sure Poong yeon realizes his power as well.

Gosh Poong yeon is getting on my nerves. Dude why can’t you find another hobby! You still have no idea your subordinate is red robe and you talk about protecting Yeon hee. Even Jun put 2 and 2 together and gave you hints but you are bound to be on the evil side. So thank you for giving me a reason to hate you even more. Moreover, you have no idea what witch has done to your father. And what the what he’s same abilities of fire like his father!! He’s definitely going to create a disaster and it’ll be a huge mess.

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