38 Task Force Episode 3-4


Okay so Sung ll decides to take Jung do’s help and our scammer gets a team of 4 people because a single person cannot scam a big fish like Jin seok alone.

The team consists of, burner, keyboard, gold and wallet and I love wallet the most because of her poisonous tongue. There’s a catch, or no one would have stayed to work with the strangers, they can get the tax money for themselves if they can. The team teaches Sung ll how to scam and he’s a long way to learn the tricks. It’s fun to watch Sung ll failing.

Sung hee the girl who works under Sung ll has been scammed by Jung do. She sees Sung ll with him and wants to stop them. She can’t have her chief do the bad things and calls the police before the team gets to scam Jin seok’s right hand man. Her plan still fails and our team manages to do the job.

I don’t know from where she gets the confidence but she decides to get the taxes from Jin seok and of course she fails MISERABLY. Okay Jung do’s a jerk who gave her pain, suffering and a broken heart but she needs to stop or imma hate her for what she’s doing.

Jung do dated Sung hee because he thought she’s rich, so he says, but I think he fell for her and because of his “job” he had to leave her and be the bad buy or why else would he still have her pictures?

I hate the cop the one who keeps his eyes on Jung do. Imma call him fishy cop. Something about him doesn’t feel right and he makes Jung do uncomfortable as well. Not to mention the way he treated Jung do was ARGHHH…stop humiliating him. He says, Jung do’s father was a corrupt cop and I’ll not believe what he says. Because of fishy cop wallet backs out from the plan. I hope this is temporary. I want her in the team.

With a change in the plan Sung ll is thrown in to play his part and Jin seok takes the bait but then he gets suspicious and all of a sudden things are not going well for our team. Jung do gets into an accident and right hand man of Jin seok tips fishy cop about the scam.

We get a tiny hint there’s a reason Jung do’s helping Sung ll and it’s not because of scamming the wrong person and helping him in return. Is it something to do with his father?


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