Lucky Romance Episode 9-10


These two episodes made me think if I should continue with the series or not. The second leads have started to get clingy and the story is not moving that much.

Soo ho’s shorts doesn’t bother me as much as Bo nui’s dressing. What’s with the shabby clothing?

Soo ho and Gary confess their love to Bo nui and its Soo ho she likes but then there’s her sister and her unluckiness and Gary’s winning and pinning on her which turns me off.

Soo ho musters up the courage and tells her how he fells and even kisses her and then there’s Amy boiling my blood.

Gary’s father is in hiding when he knows his son is looking for him. Way to drag the story.

Soo ho’s father has suspicions about the chicken guy being the real father. Soo ho’s mother needs to speak up to clear the misunderstanding if there is any.

For some reason I thought the drama’s about to end and these are the last two episodes. Weird feeling.


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