Beautiful Mind Episode 1-2


I squealed and then went in the hyperventilating mode when I saw Heo Jun Ho. Its been such a long time since I last saw him and here he’s playing  father to Jang Hyuk’s character. And I can’t believe it myself this is my first Jang Hyuk drama in many years. I know he’s been coming out with dramas regularly but they weren’t my cup of tea.

So yes, there were many reasons I decided to watch this drama. Well I don’t actually need a reason to watch a drama but sshhh excuses. You need them. Just my luck! this is a medical drama and every medical term and thingies that will go on will either go above my head or it will hover around for no reason.

Okay so we have a genius neurosurgeon or you can call it the doctor who open brains and this genius Lee Young Oh is a special case. He’s a psychopath. He plays with a human life just to see if he’ll win or not. He’s like a robot, one who doesn’t have emotions and can’t sympathize or empathize with anyone. Daddy Lee made sure his son lived a normal life and taught him how to read facial expressions and emotions. He still has a hold on his son and that scene was very chilling. Young oh comes from Colombia? And joins the hospital his father works in. No one knows about his condition yet not even the girl he claims to love. His smooth life gets a roadblock in the form of Jin sung.

Gye Jin Sung is a traffic police officer with some heart problem or is it some kind of illness or disease which doesn’t hinder in her running? She’s a crush on her doctor Hyun Suk Joo. She gets entangled in the mysteriousness which is Young oh. She accuses him of killing a patient. He not only saves her life but also tells oh so casually what happened.

Hyun Suk Joo is a cardio surgeon and Jin Sung’s doc. He gave her a ring made out of a soda cap but does it mean anything to him? Maybe we’ll have to wait till the love triangle starts.

The three of them are suspicious of each other for the mysterious happening in the hospital.

It was a nice start and there are too many characters and their positions to remember, which is a really difficult task. I might skip on them or I’ll lose my brain cells and this will give me an excuse to visit Young oh.

Handsome doctor, I lost some of my brain cells what to do now?

*digs a hole and hides in embarrassment* cough withYoungoh cough


2 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 1-2

  1. Jo says:

    On my to watch list. Im glad you posted this because I was contemplating watching it or not

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