Mor Mahal Episode 9


and here I thought ex-husband of Surraya’s would be a worthy opponent, sigh. – useless man don’t ever show your face again.

Asif Jahan names Jamshed and not Taimor as the crown prince and neither Badshah begum nor wazeer begum are pleased. Badshah begum wants Mehr bano’s (Banki) child to be the crown prince and of course wazeer begum wanted her son because he’s the first-born. Amidst the celebrations of crowning the new-born gets abducted. Eeeppp

Few names come to mind who can commit such a horrible crime. There’s badshah begum, wazeer bagum, Shujat Jahan and ex-husband. Asif doesn’t think it’s the ladies in the palace and I think he shouldn’t just believe them blindly. Ex-husband’s only interested in money.

To teach his younger brother Shujat the price of committing treason Asif Jahan announces to send his army. Shaista with her sweet words suggests Asif Jahan to send his son Taimor and we finally get to see him and he’s more than happy to help his father.


5 comments on “Mor Mahal Episode 9

  1. Jo says:

    I haven’t watch it yet (too many deadlines) but it sounds interesting. Why does he blindly believe them 😒 Banki needs to step up her game or they’re going to eat her alive

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