Diyar-e-dil Episode 31-33 END


Oh My God its been a year since this drama ended and the last recap’s just sitting on my desktop doing nothing and staring at me. I’m sorry *_*

There was this online joke going on about Agha jaan that he is immortal. Well you know because he survived heart attacks and his son’s deaths though that’s not a laughing matter. Anyway, cold-hearted and immortal, wait this reminds me of someone *drum roll* Bai Zi Hua.


It’s never too late to apologize. It’s never too late to forgive. It’s never too late to solve the misunderstanding. It’s never too late to become a family.

Wipe away those tears. I knew the drama would have a happy end because it’s based on the novel so the thing was how to achieve that end. Of course there were some differences in the drama version. Moeez’s character was stretched plus his father became a villain at one point. Arjumand got involved more in the story which I really liked and Zarmenay was single. In the novel she was married with a child. Originally the novel revolved around Wali and Faarah and the rest of the characters weren’t given much dept and the drama did what the novel was lacking.

Blind trust in anyone can cost one’s life. Which happened to Rohi and Faarah for trusting Moeez. Rohi who hated the thought of haveli and its people and cursed them had no choice but to turn to them when she got betrayed by her brother and nephew. The guy she hated, the husband of her daughter, Wali, saved both of them and lied to his family so Rohi wont be embarrassed.
Faarah the love of Rohi’s life asks her to seek forgiveness from Agha jaan so she can be at peace and Rohi can’t find the right words. But Agha jaan isn’t cruel anymore he has long forgiven her. Then there is Arjumand, Wali’s mother, who can’t forgive Rohi no matter what and won’t accept Faarah as her daughter-in-law. But then she looks back both Rohi and Arjumand never understood each other and then she comes to a decision. She wants her children to take their own decisions.
Faarah likes Wali but hesitates to tell him and the deadline is near she will be soon divorced. Wali knows her love for him but he is such a tease. He’s waiting for her to say that she likes him.
He teases the hell out of her and poor girl knows nothing and keeps crying for what is to come. She musters up the courage and confesses her love and is shocked to learn he never wanted to divorce her and they lived happily ever after.
Moeez ends up in jail and wants to get out. His father is upset for what his son has done but it doesn’t look like Moeez has repented. Tajamul asks for forgiveness from his sister which she gives and with that she ends every relation with him.
Rohi’s redemption arc was great and Sanam did a magnificent job playing Rohi. Can’t describe how much I love Hareem. She played Arjumand brilliantly. This was Osman’s and Maya’s third drama together and surely the chemistry was there. Both convinced they were Wali and Faarah. Loved their bickering. Ali Rehman played Suhaib and I just love this guy. Meekal and Ali’s brotherly love was great. And of course there is Agha jaan played by Abid Ali. The most unforgettable character. He played it flawlessly.
I’m glad I watched this amazing series. Kudos to the team and I will seriously miss Diya- e-dil.


2 comments on “Diyar-e-dil Episode 31-33 END

  1. Jo says:

    I read so much and I didn’t understand a single thing BUT I like the happy ending.

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