Mirror of the Witch Episode 11-12


I’m amazed week after week how amazing and beautiful the show is. Love everything about this except for the witch and Ok and all the bad people and the smokey thing and the creepy voices.

Okay its true and has been revealed Sol gae is the red robe working for the witch but her heart skips a beat for Poong yeon but then she’s her duties she takes the witch and her minions to the temple to get Yeon hee. The witch’s first try on killing Yeon hee failed thanks to the priest, Poong yeon and Jun.

Jun gets stabbed trying to protect Yeon hee and his mark on his chest disappears. Yeon hee’s curse activates when she sees the unconscious Jun. She strangles the witch and tells her to die. The witch can see the shaman, Yeon hee’s biological mother, in her.

Young priest warns Yeon hee  not to kill the witch or all the candles would blow out. – no one told me about this.- worried Yeon hee says it’s her fault because she gave her heart to Jun and that’s why he got injured.- confession time?- Yeon hee still has white hair beccuase Jun isn’t her talisman anymore.

Priest gives Jun the potion of forgetfulness but it’s a test and Jun doesn’t drink it. Priest hopes for Jun to be able to lit the last candle.

All the scenes between Jun and Yeon hee were beautiful. The hug and the hand holdings and the promise to meet again. – sniff, sniff-

Its time Yeon hee learned the truth about her self being a princess and queen dowager, Yeon hee’s mother, told her the whole story and then begged her to stop the curse. Yeon hee’s already confused and then the priest asked her with respect to do the same. Does the queen dowager love Yeon hee? Isn’t she just using her to remove the curse?

Yeon hee decides to go to the palace, because the most dangerous place is themost safest place, and the queen dowager helps her. Priest gives his remaining energy to Yeon hee and the protection mark appears on her forehead and her hair change to black and the cursed mark disappears from Jun. -she’ll be able to protect herself now that she’s her own talisman?- priest asks her not to feel guilty if he dies.

At least Yeon hee didn’t saw him die. The priest tells witch, he regrets saving her and then dies in her arms. Witch says something about blood bond or whatever and slashes his palm and hers and joins them. Priest open his eyes and oh my such creepy eyes. I love it.

Witch has a lot to say to Poong yeon, she tells that Yeon hee is the princess and then succeeds in putting a rift between the king and him. King removes Poong yeon from his position, for disobeying the order and not bringing Yeon hee, and from the friend list. She also tells him that she was the priest’s pupil -psst she also had a crush on him- priest saved and helped her who was used and abandoned but her hatred and anger to get revenge made her dwell in necromancy. Poong yeon’s smart enough not to fall for her words and tricks, when she tells him to play the blame game, or maybe I spoke too soon. This guy changes sides way to quickly. Witch assures him that he will come back looking for her.

The most important question is why can’t Poong yeon realize he’s the one who has changed? He hurts Yeon hee by saying her witch form is not the real her and then he blames his father for not telling him the truth. I’m with the priest on this one. He says nothing would have changed and Poong yeon is hellbent on bringing the old Yeon hee back. The one he loved. – dude needs to take some lesson from Jun on how to win someone’s heart-

To Jun Yeon hee will be the same no matter what. It wouldn’t matter where she lives or what her hair color is or if she’s a princess or not. -awwww- the cursed mark appeared behind Jun’s ear.

King must be a genius or a really stupid person. How can he order Ok to bring Yeon hee! Ok is the most coward person on this planet. I want both of them to fail miserably.

Jun realizes after a turn of events that Sol gae is the red robe. He asks Seon deok to look into the symbol. It’s the one Sol gae had on her back. Seon deok tells Jun after her investigation that this symbol belongs to an organization which shelters homeless girls and sells them.

Jun makes medicine and meets Sol gae to prove his suspicions. Young priest has a sword to his neck by the controlled priest and he wants Yeon hee.

Yeon hee stands in the witch’s den facing her and they both smirk at each other.


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