38 Task Force Episode 1-2


Impressed is the word that comes to my mind after watching both the episodes.

The story is simple for now. We have a tax collector, Baek Sung ll. He follows the law and tries to collect taxes but the rich the people get the more they don’t want to pay the taxes. He can’t do anything when the higher-ups are also in those rich people’s pockets. His life was already miserable, due to a certain rich man, Ma Jin seok, and then on top of that he gets conned.

Our con man Yang Jung do has just come out of the prison and he’s conning again but this time with a reason. He’s helping an inmate by getting revenge for him that are in the list given by him.

Jung do makes a mistake and cons Sung ll because he had the same name and both Sung ll’s work at the same place. Conned Sung ll takes help from his detective friend and gets Jung do. Jung do doesn’t want to go to prison again so he proposes to get tax from Jin seok. After contemplating and getting framed and accused for taking bribes and seeing how the law forces the poor people and takes the taxes from them, he asks Jung do to help.

Why is Jung do’s father in the prison? And why won’t he talk?

Why is Jung do working for someone else?

The list of the corrupt officers is way too much.

Is Min Sik, Sung ll’s friend who was also framed for taking bribes, still alive or not?


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