Lucky Romance Episode 7-8


I don’t know why but these episodes weren’t that exciting for me. Maybe the spending night with a tiger has been solved that’s why.

okay so Bo nui just had to spend a night with the tiger and nothing else. She’s imagining all the one night stand stuff on her own. So nothing happened between Bo nui and Soo ho except some arguing and they both slept and when their hands accidentally touched little sister’s finger moved.

Soo ho’s the only one who realized something’s wrong with Bo nui and then he teamed up with Gary to find her but they couldn’t and she came back on her own.

Soo ho denies hard that he doesn’t like Bo nui but then he cares about her and worries about her and she makes him go crazy. He reaches her house without realizing. He dreams about her. He smiles when he thinks about her. If this isn’t love then what is, my dear. He doesn’t let go anywhere especially with Gary. He intervenes when they are together and he doesn’t shy away to act as a couple with Gary for the game because he can’t have Bo nui do it.

Soo ho doesn’t believe in superstitions and to prove her, he writes his father’s name in red ink which according to Bo nui can hurt the other person. And this is what happens, his father gets hurt. Soo ho knows her believe in superstitions won’t falter anytime soon so he takes Bo nui for the first time in two years to see her sister and then hugs her. He tells her, she can ask him whenever she wants to see her sister and she just cries in his arms.

Soo ho’s and Ami’s conflict has been resolved and Ami still has feelings for him and now she thinks she’s a chance with him again. I still don’t like her for some reason.

Soo ho’s mother finds a crush of hers, the chicken guy, and she even lies to her son but he sees them together. Where’s this arc going?

Gary’s parents topic is sensitive for him. He doesn’t wish to talk about them and Soo ho was wrong here as he just causally says what would have happened to his family.

Okay so Soo ho has three contenders for his heart. Bo nui, Amy and the clumsy girl? but he only likes Bo nui.


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