Entertainer Episode 17-18 END


I think the extension slowed down the story. Episode 17 was bearable but episode 18 dragged for me.

It’s time for caramel and Jinu to step up and admit their crime of stealing the song. The song writer’s brother doesn’t sue caramel because he thinks there were many factors that drove his brother to take that step and he wants himself and caramel to live in regret.

Jinu posts his confession on the internet and leaves abroad for further studies with his fans support.

Caramel wants what’s best for the band and wishes them to join a bigger company but the band doesn’t wish for that and in between orange tells his story about being an orphan. He doesn’t want caramel to abandon the band so someone else can adopt them.

All of a sudden everyone is giving up on love. Blue confesses to green he liked her but now he’s moved on but when caramel sees both of them he thinks differently.

Pink never confessed to caramel but she tells yellow how she loved him. Yellow takes a year and then musters up his courage and confesses his feelings. And here I thought pink was smitten by him. Anyways they have a nine-year gap but yellow has no problem with it.

A year passes and the band is doing great with 2 albums out. Green has stopped being a manager and has resumed her studies but she’s no friends in college. She asks the band to do her a favor and visit her and blue grants her wish. He sees a girl and falls in love at the first sight. She asks for a lift and he gives her. Where does this happen? Even if she’s beautiful, you just don’t go giving lifts to good-looking people.

White decides to leave the band to continue his studies and the new drummer happens to be the girl blue saw at the college and she also develops feelings for blue.

Caramel looks after the witch, the girl who accused blue, and nice face aka jerk face.

Caramel shows up at green’s college and they leave together. The band gets nominated at an award show and everything ends on a happy note.

Still, episode 16 was the best end for me.


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