Mor Mahal Episode 8



Things have gotten a lot more interesting and I want the drama to stay this way. Please! Don’t bore me to death or imma drop ya!

Surraya gives birth to a baby boy and Badshah begum is not happy at all, she would have rejoiced if it was a girl. Akhtari tells her that the baby boy would never become the crown prince according to her mojo. Wazeer begum isn’t excited either on the baby’s news.

Shaista is cooking something new. Asif Jahan asked her to send Mehr bano to his little brother and she sends the eunuch Shola jaan to Shujat, which of course angers him and he in return sends the coins issued is his name. TREASON!!!

Shaista reveals her plan to Wazeer begum and now both are sure Asif Jahan will appoint Taimor as crown prince. We are told Taimor is busy with his military training.

Dilawar Khan, aide to, Asif Jahan suggests to make Surraya’s son, Jamshed, the crown prince so Shujat can feel the threat.

In all this happening Surraya’s ex husband appears before the emperor.

Banki always stands in front of the mirror whenever she’s having second thoughts about her identity and every time the mirror Banki wins. Mirror Banki loves the attention she’s getting from the emperor. She dreams of becoming the queen. But who will win in the end?


4 comments on “Mor Mahal Episode 8

  1. Jo says:

    Banki will end up winning everything but Im really scared that she might let the power go to her head. I wonder if she loves the Emperor or even likes him idk. I do like the direction and hope it continues too

    Liked by 1 person

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