Mirror of the Witch Episode 9-10


Okay so things have gotten interesting which is always a good thing.

Jun and Seo ri find out about the truth of the 100-year-old tree, people hang their wishes on it and Seo ri makes potion which makes the wish come true and those people are the one who are killed by the red robe, and this makes Seo ri upset and unhappy because she thinks she’s the one who killed them.

Poong yeon is desperate to catch Jun and red robe again and lays a trap by putting a wish on the tree. Seo ri doesn’t wish more people to die because of her and so she takes the potion to deliver herself with Jun and young priest with her. Poong yeon meets Seo ri and its Jun who tells her she needs to talk with him. Poong yeon asks her to meet every day to tell what happened.

Jun drinks a potion which allows one to see ghosts/dead people and a symbol appears behind his ear. He wants to meet the victims of red robe so he can catch him and we get a clue, a strange mark appears on the floor when Jun meets the gisaeng. Did he notice the mark?

Seon deok aka the gambler gets punished publicly because she mocked Ok and Jun steps in to save her and then confronts Ok for killing his mother but he couldn’t bring himself to finish him. Jun’s mother’s ghost appears to comfort him and the mark behind his ear disappears. In the temple a candle lits by itself because of Jun and this makes the trio happy.

Queen dowager tells the ministers about king’s deteriorating health so she can rule. The priest gets back to his original position as the head of the Buddhist temple with queen dowager’s help but he’s barely living through witch’s curse and his own resolution.

The teams are set, the witch is with the king and the priest with queen dowager. They both need Seo ri for different purposes. Witch wants to kill her and the one who has to kill her has to be her own brother to remove the curse and the priest wants her because she’s the only one who can stand against the witch who is hell-bent is ruining the country and the queen dowager who once abandoned her.

Witch teaches queen dowager a lesson, for going against her and taking the priest’s side, by showing a hallucination of her son in pain. Priest realizes the witch’s plan but can his weak body go against her?

The king asks Poong yeon to find the princess his father hid and to make a choice between him and his father. Poong yeon meets his father and tells him he won’t back down from loving Yeon hee even if it costs him his life.

Young priest meets the head priest and is asked to do a task which is to separate Yeon hee from her human barrier so Poong yeon can see the cursed side of Yeon hee. – how come the head priest knows Jun is a human barrier?- If Poong yeon still loves her after seeing her different side then he will be the one to remove the curse because true love will lit the last candle.

Poong yeon prepares gifts for Yeon hee by taking Sol gae’s help, the girl who follows Poong yeon and she’s a mark on her back. Is it similar to the mark from the floor?, and right on time Jun gets separated from Seo ri and Poong yeon watches in disbelief as Seo ri’s hair turn white. Red robe appears, and he too has a similar mark as Sol gae’s, and kidnaps Seo ri and delivers her to the witch. 

Is Sol gae the red robe? Is she?

Poong yeon has no idea Yeon hee is the princess right? He hasn’t made the deduction yet right? He knows? How come I don’t remember??

The priest’s plan was kind of stupid and as a result Seo ri got abducted. He should have known the witch was waiting like a hawk to snatch Seo ri and he gave her the opportunity. Priest chose a wrong time and place but then again Sol gae was always with Poong yeon so it was inevitable.


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