Entertainer Episode 15-16


This drama should state it’s a melodrama with a warning of keeping the tissues or towel with you and a bottle of water in case of dehydration which is 100% possible.

If the drama ended on the 16th episode it would have been a perfect end but we have two more episodes to go thanks to the extension. We were doing so good without the dose of romance. Please! Keep it this way. Don’t force anything weird in the last two episodes.

Caramel punches jerk ceo black and blue after learning big bro’s story. Jerk ceo reminds him that he did the same. Oooff caramel also took someone’s song and gave it to Jinu and that songwriter committed suicide. -That was the time I had no idea if I should hate caramel or not.- caramel asks Jinu to come clean as well but Jinu is still hesitant.

It takes caramel lot of strength and with a heavy heart he tells his gang about big bro’s story. Blue can’t help but hate caramel for entering in big bro’s life but he’s also thankful for caramel’s help.

Caramel decides to let go of the opportunity of singing the song on the stage and the band thinks the same but blue decides to go ahead with it and he will sing the original song his brother wrote.

Caramel and blue only now have one mission and that’s to reclaim big bro’s song. The first step is to find Joon ha and Jerk face also helps because he’s also been betrayed by jerk ceo. But jerk ceo is a step ahead. He meets Joon ha and asks him to seal his lips or to live in embarrassment the rest of his life.

It takes blue and caramel’s strong will to make Joon ha to surrender. Caramel didn’t use the back-handed method because then there would have been no difference between him and jerk ceo. Joon ha comes clean to the world and apologizes to everyone. Ktop hits rock bottom and every artist plans on leaving jerk ceo including nice face aka jerk face.

Blue finds it hard to sing big bro’s song and caramel shows him big bro’s video to encourage him and finally on the stage both the brothers sing the song.

Pink’s behavior felt strange, don’t tell me you suddenly have feelings for caramel then what about yellow and sunshine?


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