Mor Mahal Episode 7


Jahanabad must be one peaceful kingdom because the emperor is busy with his harem problems -ohohoohoho

Nice, really nice, Shaista has a way with words. Her sweet talk, her buttering has the emperor, Wazeer begum and Mehr bano all wrapped around her little finger. The scheming has got me all excited.

Congratulations! Banki is expecting and the expectation of her identity revealing has gone UP.

Prince Shujat has still not given up on Mehr bano and kidnaps a girl of Jatt (Jatt is a caste) and they ask Asif Jahan for their daughter back. Asif Jahan finally agrees on giving Mehr Bano to his brother. -she’s your wife, you dumb idiot!- These people and their logic! Even if Mehr bano is a maid she’s not an accessory to be given right and left. She’s a human being with feelings. Oh! I forgot, only the high and mighty can do whatever they want. The rest are insects only allowed to follow whatever the command is.


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