Vampire Detective Episode 11

vamp de

I took time from my really busy day to watch this boring eff episode. If I knew earlier I would have done a hundred okay two different things in one hour.

I lost interest in this drama and the good thing is, it’s going to end soon. One more to go. YAY. And then I had another problem going on with my blog. It showed there’s a notification but there was none. Damn you glitch! Why don’t you rub more salt on my wounds T_T

Ahem, so we all know San’s friend betrayed him in the first episode and San gets a new detective team and the case they solve were more fun than San’s own case. So we see what we already saw in episode one and now in the present San knows pendant girl and bull-dog are still alive. She’s getting a name change because she’s not the mastermind, bulldog is. San manages to take pendant girl but the poor detective gets caught and bulldog is gonna use him to lure San in. Why were there dozens of men to capture a single detective? He doesn’t have super powers and it was hilarious how those men in black gathered around the detective.

*gets busy with work again*

2 comments on “Vampire Detective Episode 11

  1. Jo says:

    I was going to watch it later today but I might skip it lol. I knew from the preview last week that it wasn’t going to be an amazing episode

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