Mor Mahal Episode 6


Yikes! What a bad print of the video. How am I supposed to enjoy the episode when I don’t know what’s happening?

Shaista is not an ordinary woman, even though she’s a maid, she’s also the emperor’s secret woman/lover. First I thought Shaista was moving on Wazeer begum’s orders but nope Shaista has seduced the ruler of the kingdom on her own.

What kind of emperor has no power and does what the women in his life ask him to? Asif Jahan emperor of Jahanbad. This dude is really making me mad. How come he holds no power in the palace? He does what his mother asks him to and then he gets scared of his first wife and asks her permission first and last but not the least he’s moving like a puppet in a maid’s hand…tsk…tsk..tsk.

Shaista has ulterior motives, does she want to be the queen? Ambitious I see. Asif Jahan acts on Shaista’s suggestion on making Wazeer begum’s son the crown prince and consummating the marriage with the third wife. The palace rejoices on this happy occasion and the real Mehr bano almost gets kidnapped by Shujat. She runs into the secret place and Shaista catches her. Mehr bano lies that she’s a maid but then tells the truth about herself.

Banki, the fake Mehr bano, is getting eaten by her own self conscious. What has fate holding for her? Badshah begum is busy with her own planning. She wants Mehr bano’s son to be the crown prince. Women, what if it’s a girl, a princess? Then what? Uff I don’t want to imagine the anger on Badshah begum’s face when she realizes that her son has spent the night with a mere maid and not the wife.


5 comments on “Mor Mahal Episode 6

  1. Jo says:

    I think sge wants to be the ruler FORGET QUEEN! She wants to whole kingdom and poor Banki hopefully next week is better. I also agree, he has literally NO POWER how does he rule the kingdom tsk tsk tsk

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    • Miss Khan says:

      I like your deduction about Shaista. When Mehr bano asks her after getting captured for the way out, Shaista replies, she would have left if she knew one. That’s it, if she can’t leave then she will rule.
      Asif Jahan can’t even rule the palace how can he rule the kingdom – pathetic man.
      I’m so interested in Banki and what steps she would walk on. a mere maid never dreamt of such luxurious life and now the emperor is fond of her.

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      • Jo says:

        Yes!šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ and I think Banki might have to turn a little ruthless to survive but I can’t wait to see what happens next

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        • Miss Khan says:

          me too. i can’t wait and Sunday is almost here. i just hope the episode uploads on time.
          this is my first time seeing the actress playing Banki. i don’t know if she’s a newcomer or i don’t watch much tv. she’s great though.
          actually I haven’t seen much of the cast act except for the few veterans like Badshah begum and Akhtari. everyone is doing a great job.

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