Neighborhood lawyer Jo Deul ho Episode 19-20 END

deul ho

It’s the final showdown between Jo and daddy Shin. Daddy Shin decides its time to end Deul ho’s life and I’m here like, Drama! Don’t pull “Sign” on me….and Jo’s stabbed. DRAMA!!! Everything is fine and Deul ho is a little bit hurt – phew.

Deul ho arrives with the foolproof evidence and chairman Jung against daddy Shin. Daddy Shin realizes he can’t win and on the other hand baby Shin’s having a hard time because he’s the one who is going to prosecute and investigate his own father and his father wants him to do that as well. That way baby Shin will earn respect from the people and will rise in ranks.

All is well that ends in the well and Micheal Jung ends in jail as well.

Since last week drama is persistent in shoving the romance between Eun jo and baby Shin. Drama, don’t you think you’re a bit late?

Loan shark and Deul ho’s assistant are married and expecting a kid.

Mr. Jo and ex-wife has decided to remain friends instead of getting back together.

The story is still going on and Jo as usual takes cases of people with petty cases and Geum san has taken a turn for the better in ex-wife’s hand.

Everything ends on a happy note even though life’s bitter sometimes.


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