Vampire Detective Episode 10

vamp de.jpg

Finally, a back story and now we know what went down. To put it simply bull-dog was jealous of San and he made everything a matter of pride and he too loved evil puppy. This thing called love ruining lives since the beginning. Am I supposed to say this? Can I say this?

Ohhhh the trio met the current detective when they were still in training and he became their leader on a pyramid/scheming case.

Bull dog and evil puppy are given the order to infiltrate the organization and I don’t know why San wasn’t allowed to be paired with the evil puppy. I mean San was already dating evil puppy and things would have been much easier. This new couple now have to match what they have to say.

The organization was actually making vampires and obtaining blood and bull-dog asked VV to make him a vampire as well and so we know this stupid damn love made everything worse.


5 comments on “Vampire Detective Episode 10

  1. Jo says:

    I was shocked that Yo Na turned him into a Vampire. I love the backstory and now everything seems to fit together but OMG JEALOUSY AND GREED IS SUCH A TERRIBLE THING

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    • Miss Khan says:

      true and loving someone else’s girlfriend as well.

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      • Jo says:

        Just watched Mor Mahal ep 6 and other than the random fight scene and the creepy dungeon scenes it wasn’t that great of an ep but I’m looking forward to ep 7

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        • Miss Khan says:

          random fight scene – ahahaha. i swear the quality of the video was so bad i was half paying attention to what was going on and half of my attention was thinking if i should watch the episode when the good print comes out.
          i enjoyed wifey face getting jealous because her husband was looking fondly at the songstress and here i thought she had a big heart.

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          • Jo says:

            Haha I thought the scene was soooo random , and I forgot to add that to my fav parts of the episodes: getting jealous 📝


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