Mirror of the Witch Episode 5-6


Yes, another episode of curses and black smokes and fresh hearts.

Jun as I thought was saved by the mirror shard and then the shard disappears and a mark appears on his chest.

Jun’s mother dies because of Ok and his mother tells him not to worry -not to be followed parenting goals.

Jun finds the ring his mother was holding and he gives it to Ok as he knew it belongs to him. Right now Jun has no power so he backs off and holds his revenge.

The crown prince wakes up and everything is seemed to be going fine that’s until the crown prince suddenly dies. It’s the witch she killed him by taking his curse away? Did the witch took revenge because the queen was getting suspicious of her? The black magic is having the side effects on her. She disappears with her minions and the jar which holds the curse from the prince.

Poong Joon also wakes up and the cursed mark disappears from his body.

5 years passes and there are again rumors about a witch in the forest. She’s also called Red Robe who kills people and takes their hearts but that’s not true. The red robe is someone working for the shaman witch, the one who disappeared. The witch is still searching for Yeon hee.

Jun has become a different person now. He catches bad people and Ok takes the credit. Ok is a police officer or some kind of government official.

The young priest who was with Yeon hee is alive somehow and he takes care of her. He calls Yeon hee, Seo ri. Seo ri is still trying to break the curse and she’s close to success but still far.

The priest is in the witch’s hand but unconscious. She wants him to join hands with her and not be like before. She has been cursing kings for a long time because they use people and discard them? The priest once saved her life.

The new king looks favorably on Poong yeon and wants him to catch the red robe as soon as he can. The king has some kind of illness which causes thorns in his body. Blade man? The doctors are unable to help him and no one else knows as this is a secret.

Poong yeon still thinks his father and Yeon hee are alive. He meets the witch and she tells him that he can see his father but there’s a condition. She wants to meet the king. Poong yeon declines the offer and the witch puts a curse on him.

There’s a girl who can’t keep her nose to herself and pokes in everyone’s business. She gets acquainted with Jun and helps him arrest Ok but the game turns because Ok is a noble rich guy and rich people are always innocent and you guessed it right, the poor are always guilty and Jun is accused of being the red robe among other allegations.

Jun runs for his life and Pooong yeon follows him. Seo ri can hear the sound of the bells. Poong yeon bought her couple bells. She leaves her barrier and saves a falling Jun by using her power and stopping him mid-air.

What’s the new girls name?

So Yeon hee’s hair turn white when she steps out of the barrier or when she uses power?

I don’t want to jinx and say who the red robe is but I think he’s going to be someone we know.


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