Lucky Romance Episode 1-2


Poor girl (Bo nui) and rich guy (Soo ho) – check

Rich guy is a genius and has a trauma/phobia – check and check

Cool gadgets – check

Poor girl has a bad first impression on the rich guy – check

Accidental kiss – check

Second leads know the main leads – check

Bo nui is a game developer who almost joined Zeze. She calls herself unlucky and relies on fortune-telling, charms and talismans and shamans and do what they ask her even if its ridiculous or difficult.

Bo nui lost her parents and her sister is in a vegetable state and a shaman tells her that she has to find a man born in the year of tiger and spend a night with him to save her sister.

Lo and behold our rich guy is born in the year of tiger.

Soo ho is the owner of a game company Zeze and because of his arrogant and prickly personality his employees leave him. His game which was to be launched gets leaked in Russia with a new name and Soo ho asks his team to make a new game and isn’t happy with the result so on the decision of his friend Soo ho visits the competition for new game ideas and guess what Bo nui is there too and he likes her idea of the game “IF” and asks her to work for him.

Gary is a tennis player who has come back after fifteen years of living in abroad and he chooses to live next door to Bo nui but she has no idea who he is. They’re childhood friends and Gary is younger than her but lies to her and says he’s born in the year of tiger.

Amy is Gary’s manager? Secretary? And she’s a connection with Soo ho which isn’t revealed yet.

The secretary of Soo ho, Dal nim imma call her clumsy because she gives that vibes. How and who the heck can sleep while standing? A tired Soo ho.


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