Entertainer Episode 11-12


The story is getting more interesting not because romance is going on full force but the secrets and evil doings are coming out and our guys are winning.

The article on Blue gets hateful and harsh comments and he pretends to be tough but it takes a toll on his health. Joker aka clown and the songwriter come with a plan to cheer up the guys. The band is surprised with their first fan meeting. Blue pours his heart out there and yellow with the permission of caramel reveals his son to the world. A crying woman is seen and she is rainbow’s (yellow’s son) mother. She asks the permission from yellow to meet her son. Yellow doesn’t resent her for leaving but congratulates her when she tells him she’s getting married. Rainbow later cries, he knew she was her mom and he won’t be able to see her again. Now I really want pink and yellow to be together.

Caramel prepares for a press conference to emphasize on blue’s innocence and Jinu aka jackson dude shows up and reveals the truth and the video with the suspicious shoes. Ktop on the other hand throw Jinu under the bus and apologize to blue for framing him.

Caramel wants to clear Jinu’s name as well so he talks to the witch to handover the video taken by her brother which also has jerk face in it. Witch knows she will be abandoned by ceo jerk be it today or tomorrow and hands over the video.

Green and caramel’s love story is gearing up. They decide to meet each other once a day. Blue doesn’t want to be a bystander and musters up the courage and tells green about his feelings.

If it was me I would never tell orange anything. He can’t keep a secret but he’s adorable ..the whole band is sweet.

It was a bit confusing for me to keep track of who knows how much of the secret about blue’s story but all is fine now I think.

There’s one secret caramel doesn’t know that blue’s brother committed suicide.


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