Neighborhood lawyer Jo Deul ho Episode 17-18

deul ho

So is the drama going to extend or not???

Thank God the misunderstanding between ex-wifey and Jo has ended. I’m saying this beforehand I want happy ending for lawyer Jo with his wife and kid. The End.

Baby Shin you are losing brownie points from me. How dare you hide your father’s black doings and still act as a mighty prosecutor! When will you grow a backbone??? Your father has been spoon-feeding you and you don’t have the guts to stand yourself. You pathetic human!

Daddy Shin plays his cards and corners both chairman Jung and Geumsan. Our lawyer Jo thinks hard and comes up with a plan, joining hands with ex father-in-law, and turns the table on daddy Shin but daddy Shin is an evil cunning master. He gives speeches about rooting out the corruption and bla bla bla and stop illegal bla bla bla and by doing the same thing he’s about to sit on the minister’s seat.

Oh and chairman Jung for real this time ends up in the hospital and may he die a painful death. Amen.


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