Mor Mahal Episode 5


I love the sound of some words like “Takhliya”. I wish it was still used or maybe I can start using it and everyone would see me as a crazy person. Mujhe takhliya chaiyeh = I need takhliya. Someone bring takhliya! ahhaha it’s so fuuny, no? No? Okay and Takhliya means privacy but if you don’t know the meaning you would be running around looking for takhliya. Now is it funny?

The game is heated up for the successor to the throne. Who will be the winner? For now there are two candidates, Taimor, Wazeer begum and the emperor’s 19-year-old son who for some reason isn’t allowed to meet his mother and Shujat, emperor’s brother and son to Badshah begum. It seems sooner or later Shujat is going to commit treason.

Emperor has issued a coin of his name and he gets a surprised visitor and I was truly shocked to learn that the emperor won Surraya in a gambling game. Her old husband has come for her as promised with the money Eeeppp emperor thought he’s dead so he ended up marrying her. What a twist!

Akhtari uses her powers? she sensed Mehr bano’s presence and captures her. I was wondering why wasn’t Mehr bano getting caught now I won’t have to worry “bites nails”. The graveyard scene was spooky and creepy. Wait! There’s a graveyard in the palace?

With the trump card, Mehr bano, in hand Badshah begum calls for her son Shujat again but he doesn’t wish for the throne but that girl. Mor Mahal is emperor Asif Jahan’s so is every soul living in it. Shujat asks his brother for Mehr bano and he declines and this of course doesn’t make Shujat happy.

Why didn’t Badshah begum saw the girl who has bewitched her son? I was waiting for that because she would have recognized Mehr bano as she’s the only one who has seen her.

Mehr bano’s brother sends gifts to the emperor and it’s a baby’s crib/bed. Great! the emperor hasn’t consummated his marriage where will the baby come from? And moreover the maid Banki has taken the role of Mehr bano. Once again Banki’s heart sways and she thinks of becoming the queen.

The end was a bit surprising Shaista maid of Wazeer begum meets the emperor in a very unusual way.


12 comments on “Mor Mahal Episode 5

  1. Jo says:

    First, I laughed so hard during the beginning of your recap. I could imagine your face. 2nd I guess they dont want the son to be influenced by the mom and I was shocked that they got married because of a gambling game. OMG I FREAKED OUT OVER THE GRAVEYARD SCENE!! I felt like I was there A++++ and the ending a little odd to me.

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    • Miss Khan says:

      i had another “difficult” word but i forgot to add so stay tune but i don’t think it will be funny anymore T_T
      when i’m watching the drama i make fun of the words just like this. that’s why no one watches tv with me because my commentary never stops T_T
      i was more surprised the couple have a 19 year old son. they look so young. i want their elixir of youth. maybe your reason is right about keeping the son away.
      how can the emperor eye someone else’s wife? dude where are your morals?
      yes, the graveyard scene was scary and then Akhtari (the woman in black) started chanting something. i was about to faint but Mehr bano beat me to it. ahahahha
      the way the maid was sitting in the end of the episode gives a very “seducing feeling” EEEPPP. i like where this is going.

      i’m more surprised that you have caught up to the latest episode WOW. we will just have to wait week after week for a single episode for 40 more weeks ^___^

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      • Jo says:

        I love your commentary and me too, I was shocked that their son was like an adult (if you find the elixir send it my way too). We’ve established has no morals or control tsk tsk tsk. I kept looking away, why is there a graveyard in the palace?!! But I agree that I like the pace of the drama, not to fast or slow-just right. Thanks again for introducing me to this drama 😊

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        • Miss Khan says:

          Thank you ^___^ and You’re welcome ^___^
          half of the cast in new to me but still the acting is superb of everyone. i so want to see their son just to see who he resembles in behavior and manners, mother or the father or maybe the grandma and uncle. who makes a grave yard in the palace? where the heck is the police? God knows how many secrets are buried there.
          the emperor had so many women to choose from but he chose a married woman! dude if you get stabbed by your first wife you really deserve that.

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          • Jo says:

            Haha love how we have the same question 👏👏👏 I was like, 💁but she’s married!!!! Wouldn’t it be crazy if it isn’t his son and its the brother’s? !!!


        • Miss Khan says:

          now that would be karma. he took someone else’s wife and his own son is not his.
          can’t wait for tonight’s episode.


        • Miss Khan says:

          Nooooo I can’t find the 6th episode of Mor Mahal T_T
          Maybe the episode was aired but it wasn’t uploaded…but why?
          Or maybe the episode never aired…but why?


  2. Jo says:

    Oh, while looking for subs I found the show on YouTube. Hopefully I find subs soon😊


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