Vampire Detective Episode 9

vamp de

Maybe I’m not following the trends so the episode “kinda” went above my head but San and Co got the killer and who would have thought Agatha Christie’s the one who wrote Sherlock Holmes and Conan…he’s a detective. I wonder how did that police dude passed his academy but I admit he’s funny.

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but if that Zen guy was dead then who was San chatting with? Father of the dead boy?

Okay so evil puppy is actually worried about San….but I don’t know why. She calls him and asks him to be careful. What’s going on? And now I’m giving the name of Bulldog to evil puppy’s partner who was also San’s friend once.


2 comments on “Vampire Detective Episode 9

  1. Jo says:

    I forgot it came on Yesterday, so need to watch it. I think evil puppy is probably worried because A. San is the only one she can go head to head with. B. She has some weird maternal feeling for him OR C. She needs him for something we don’t know abput and it deals with uncovering some truth. That’s all I have 😊

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    • Miss Khan says:

      how many episodes left? there’s no sign of San’s story yet, maybe next week hopefully. why did evil puppy betrayed San then if now she’s worrying about him. i like all your guesses


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