Mirror of the Witch Episode 3-4


I like this drama and everything it delivers, yes, even the creepy voices and dark shadows and broken nails.

So Jun survives the fall instead of breaking into two he gets some cuts and bruises and Yeon hee tends to him and he stays the night at her place because he’s scared to go alone back. He doesn’t admit he’s scared though. He thinks she is like him, an unwanted child, to this she tells him that no one’s born without a purpose. She lends him the kite and Heo Ok is surprised to see his brother back. This man should be cursed *takes out voodoo dolls*

Okay I get it Jun is the bastard child but why is Ok acting like a true bastard and insulting Jun’s mother. The reason Jun is trying to save money is to buy his mother from slavery. Every action has its reaction and Jun loses it and hits Ok and then the crisis befalls on Jun’s mother when he says he won’t apologize and leaves. Now we know why Ok is going around acting up high and mighty, he got it from his mother. Jun is terrified to lose his mother and he decides to leave the country with her. Ok’s servant sees them and immediately reports to him.

Poong Yeon follows his heart and not his father’s words after all his father is not explaining why his son shouldn’t be near Yeon hee. Pyeong yeon takes Yeon hee out of the barrier to see the festival. What have you done Peong yeon? His father, the priest, and his comrades find the book to remove the curse.

It’s the D-day – the birthday of the twins. Yeon hee disappears from Poong Yeon’s side and appears near the palace where the prince’s birthday celebration is going on. Why is witch doing the Pt dance?

Phew the witch didn’t catch her but she did get a glimpse of her. Jun finds her first and then Peong yeon. How did Peong yeon ended up near the palace? Jun was selling his quackery again in the palace.

Peong yeon is surprised when his father doesn’t raise his voice for taking Yeon hee but asks calmly and worriedly about him and Pyeong yeon coughs up blood and faints and he’s the curse mark behind his ear. Oh so the curse is spreading. Pyeong yeon finally wakes up and he can see a ghost which of course makes him scared. Yeon hee vists him secretly but he screams when he sees her. His mother asks her to disappear from their lives. His mother only wants to save her son and she ends up telling the witch about Yeon hee’s whereabouts.

Is it the witch’s shadow that enters Yeon hee’s house or it’s the curse? Anyways, black shadow enters into Yeon hee and tries to kill her. Poor Yeon hee struggles in pain and her hair turn white and she’s not the only one experiencing this, her brother goes through the same process. Wasn’t the curse removed from the prince?

To save Yeon hee from the witch clasps the priest and his companions give up their lives and Yeon hee gets to hear about the curse on her from the witch. Who ever loves her will die and vice versa. Yeon hee wishes to die she can’t bear to see innocent people dying but his father asks her to live and remove the curse. With nowhere to run and the witch’s minions on her Yeon hee closes her eyes to embrace death but Jun appears to take the arrow for her but this doesn’t stop the minions to shot again and this time Yeon hee gets hit and falls from the cliff in to the stream and the water freezes trapping Yeon hee inside.

What was Jun doing in the forest when he saw Yeon hee?

Jun and Yeon hee are similar both get to hear how the shouldn’t have been born in this world by their “mothers”.

Can I make a guess…the broken mirror Jun found saved his life or something or maybe his injury isn’t that fatal.


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