Entertainer Episode 9-10


Love is in the air and so are the secrets.

Blue loves green but green thinks of him as a family. She’s thankful to blue’s family for adopting her when her parents died. Yellow knows blue is serious and wants him to take the next step before it’s too late.

Caramel has started to feel something towards green and he wants this feeling to go away and this feeling is called love. I love green and caramel’s bickering and bantering and caramel’s sarcastic remarks but I’m not sure how I feel about them being in love.

Yellow happy sunshine has a crush on pink – I like this pairing but I don’t know what pink feels about yellow- blue knows about yellow’s feelings.

Everyone knows orange works as a substitute driver to chip in for the expenses.

Witch’s brother is involved in the incident. He’s the one who recorded the video for her sister and this is eating him inside. He loses his key chain and blue is the one who finds it and gives it to caramel and caramel makes sure everyone related to this key chain loses sleep in Ktop.

Green runs around to promote the group and they get invited to a festival of some sort and the audience is elderly people but our band makes the performance success and everyone talks about it on the internet and people have started recognizing them.

Ktop’s jerk ceo wants to destroy caramel and the group but before they could start caramel is one step ahead of him. He’s already talked to blue and jackson dude and has an article out which states blue was framed and this makes the jerk ceo furious and me happy.


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