Neighborhood lawyer Jo Deul ho Episode 15-16

deul ho

As I was getting ready to write this revicap (review+recap) my laptop decided its time and automatically started updating to windows 10. I was delaying the update for no reason and then nothing was in my hands anymore and I just stared at my screen and slowly everything that I wanted to write started to leave my mind. If I don’t put out what’s in my mind it just goes POOF within minutes but I know that I enjoyed the episode.

Daddy Shin betrays chairman Jung, should I be happy? but then Geum san would be in trouble and that means ex-wife in distress. I finally got my wish fulfilled Mr Jo and his ex wife have reconciled and then baby Shin intervenes Grrrr. Our lawyer is not someone who would back off easily but now his ex wifey is in trouble, what to do? Throw baby Shin under the bus like literally. 

Chairman Jung is such a drama queen. How can he do all the bad stuff and think he can still roam around freely. His dream of lawyer Jo and his team was indeed funny.

Micheal Jung came back running after learning his father was dying not because he’s a filial son but he wanted inheritance now that’s KARMA bitch.


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