Vampire Detective Episode 8

vamp de

YAS…..YAS….YAS…finally an episode worth watching. I believe in ghosts and possessions and couple of days ago I was reading some horror stories and getting scared and enjoying the thrill. Actually I have lived in a haunted house for 20+ years and I have experienced supernatural phenomena but I have never seen anyone possessed but I have heard stories from someone who saw it.

There are very few people I trust that I believe have knowledge about the possessions and paranormal stuff rest of them are fake impostors trying to make money.

This time the episode belonged to the doctor. The creepy sick mother of the doctor is the kindergarten owner from “Lawyer” and she thinks that her daughter is possessed like her husband once was. She believes in an exorcist and he looks a quack to me and to the team as well and they find proof of his fraud before the daughter’s killed.

I’m surprised evil puppy had no idea that San was alive. Anyways, there’s no progress to San’s story again.


One comment on “Vampire Detective Episode 8

  1. Jo says:

    Haven’t watched this ep yet, but sounds exciting


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