Mirror of the Witch (episodes 1-2)


I started watching this without any expectations and I’m glad I watched this mysterious, spooky drama which has shamans and priests and witches and of course black magic and curses and a broken nail and creepy voices.

There’s a king and he had no heir and the queen dowager wanted one even if she had to rely on black magic. The priest was against the idea of course no sane person would dwell in necromancy but queen dowager made sure he’s not in the way. The priest wasn’t killed but locked away.

A witch was summoned and the first thing she said about the queen was that she is childless but she had a way to solve this problem. She used a shaman who had great powers. The poor shaman had no idea what was happening until it was too late. The king impregnated the shaman and the witch took the soul of the child from her body to the queen’s body with the help of black magic. The priest’s colleagues tried to stop but all was in vain. The shaman dies with a prophecy that the queen will have twins and they’ll both die at the age of seventeen and if they somehow cheated death then there life would be miserable.

The prophecy comes true and the queen gives birth to twins, boy and a girl, and the witch tells her that the babies are cursed but if they can transfer the curse of one to the other and kill that child everything would be alright and of course it’s the girl who has to die. The girl has a mark behind her ear. Witch tells that not just anyone can kill her, it either has to her brother or she must be burned and the priest is asked to do the deed for country’s sake.

Fast forward to seventeen years and we see the princess, Yeon hee, is still alive. The priest saved her because the king, the girl’s father, asked him to. Priest and his colleagues are busy trying to remove the curse.

Everything is going well at the palace as well except the prince tells that he gets a recurring dream where he sees a girl crying and she resembles him a lot. Queen dowager and mother queen exchange glances. The witch tells the queen that everything ended seventeen years back and that there’s no need to worry.

The princess is kept in a forest called black forest and there are scary rumors about the place. The princess is not allowed to step out of the house and there are talismans acting as a barrier. She lives alone and the priest has taken her in as a daughter but his wife doesn’t like her. The couple has a son, Poong yeon, and he has feelings for the princess.

Huo jun is a quack and he’s in urgent need of money for some reason. His older brother, Heo ok, hates him and sends him to the black forest, to get the kite which is visible from the village, and he will give Jun the money. He’s hopeful that Jun will not come back alive.

Yeon hee gets a sudden visitor, Jun, and she tries the flirting techniques she learned from a book but it doesn’t have any effect on him. This all happens after he’s attacked by her.

Jun is affected by the girl living alone. He finds her pitiful and so when he finds the kite which actually belongs to Yeon hee he tries to get for her and not for himself but he falls and the episode ends.


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