Weekly Watching


I jinxed it myself, my free time I jinxed it T_T my next week is hella busy like the last one and I need to say some nice things so I can un-jinx. As you may or may not know I have a nephew and he’s one-year-old. He’s the sweetest thing of the house and everyone loves him. He likes to walk but he’s scared to walk alone as in without help. He feels he will fall so he always holds our hands and if we let go of his hand, he hesitates to take the other step and just stands like a statue. He either sits down and starts crawling or he just takes some real quick steps and falls. He’ll surely start walking in few days on his own. I decided its time he should learn to scribble and so I gave him my color pencils and crayons and a book and what he did was… he crumpled the paper, threw the crayons and broke the lead of the pencil and I don’t have a sharpener. I mean its been such a long time since I used lead pencils. So what I’m going to do now is….I will use the old school way *takes out a knife*.

Mrs Cop2 (episode 19-20END)


Thank God it ended. This was one awfully boring drama. It’s not like I watched this drama because I really like any of the leads..what was I thinking! The world really is unfair.

Vampire Detective (episode 7)

vamp de

VV strikes again and this time takes San’s friends hostages so he can find an old flame of her’s. VV was once a human and God knows who turned her into a vampire. The medical guy she liked killed people so she can get the blood and now in the present the medical guy is an old man and doesn’t want anything to do with VV, yeah that and San’s friends are stuck with the vampires.

Mor Mahal (episode 3)


This show is good, slow but good. I remember my English professor saying to focus on the language (the old English) and now while I was watching the drama I suddenly remembered his saying. The writer should be praised for such amazing dialogues.

Badshah begum is not going to back off that easily now that her plan has been ruined and she prepares a poisoned milk for Wazeer begum and if not for Shaista, Wazeer begum’s maid, her master would have died so the one who dies is a poor kitty and for the counter attack on dear mother-in-law Wazeer begum sends the dead cat to her and the way the whole scenario is told to Surraya, the second wife, by her maid Gul badan was amazing. I don’t think the voodoo dolls and the black magic stuff that was found was Wazeer begum’s doing.

There are two eunuch Dilbar and Shola Jaan now that the latter is finally involved its time I introduced them. So Shola Jaan has taken a liking to a bridal dupatta that was accidentally found and this dupatta belongs to Mahr Bano and it was given by Badshah begum. The dupatta changes hands and ends up in Wazeer begum’s hand but Shola Jaan cleverly gets it back.

Mahr Bano has no idea she has lost such an important thing and all day long she just wishes to run away from the palace. Does she not know what would happen if her maid is caught posing as a wife to the emperor? I really hate this selfish girl. Banki tells about the secret passage and Mehr Bano almost gets caught. The secret passage looks like some dungeon and there are crocodiles!!! dafuq is this creepy place? Here I thought the emperor left the palace in the last episode but why can Mehr Bano hear him in that secret passage. Anyways, the soul leaves her body when she hears her brother will be murdered if she didn’t accept the marriage. Asif Jahan’s aide tells him to divert his attention towards Surraya as they both know how cunning Wazeer begum is and she will do anything to make her son the emperor.

Coming back to Surraya, she seems like a peace loving lady who is carrying the child of the emperor and doesn’t wish to do anything with the politics going on in the palace. What will happen now that the emperor will look at her favorably? What would Wazeer begum do?

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul ho (episode 13-14)

deul ho

Why does everyone have heart sticker on their cellphones?

Hurrah for baby Shin for having the conscience and helping Deul ho even though its Deul ho himself who got the evidence and proved his innocence.

Daddy Shin and ex-wife’s daddy have realized that chairman Jung can anytime turn his back on them and their kids have taken the new case in their hands and of course Deul ho is the one accusing the Daehwa group once again for making and distributing an energy drink, Power King, which has caused death and may cause more. Lo and behold the secret ledger of chairman Jung is with Deul ho and he knows what to do with it. One by one he’s started removing people for chairman Jung’s side.

Yes, we know a very important thing and that’s whatever model of the cellphone Eun jo has its waterproof. I really laughed at this scene – looks at my cellphone, its old and most probably die if it got water, then I would have to put it in the rice box and I just remembered I haven’t gone shopping for this week and I’m out of rice.

Update: I got rice but I still won’t pour water on my cellphone.

Entertainer (episode 7-8)


I knew I would love Mr. Pepper. Don’t ask me why I named the executive producer? Pepper because I won’t be able to answer, honestly the name just popped in my head randomly. So Pepper tells jerk Ceo that he can take his Ktop guys and go to hell.

So our band dresses in black and stands on the stage for the first time and caramel has this saddest-sweetest smile on his face while he watches them. Their happiness doesn’t last long because Ktop Grrrrr. Caramel and blue have started their revenge, without telling the other, on jerk face and Jackson dude.

Green’s driving reminds me of myself. I got the license 5 years ago and I think I forgot how to drive the car. Simple minded green gets a credit card from caramel and she just puts it in her pocket and this becomes a reason for green’s makeover. I don’t have a credit card but I do have a wallet and its pink and it also has a butterfly. My cousin got shocked when she saw the wallet. She said, its old and I was like, meh I don’t care and it looks pretty good to me and old doesn’t mean its torn and such but its with me for some time.

Oh! It’s the piano guy from “Cheese” I will call him the cheese guy. Cheese guy and orange used to study together and orange doesn’t like him and now cheese guy is pretty famous and has a concert. Green thinks of a plan but it involves orange asking cheese guy for help and this angers caramel, because he discarded the idea when he saw it hurts orange, and he asks her to leave the band.

episode 8 :lurve the bromance and green is back as the manger to the band and white is out because of his controlling mother and jerk face is a little bitch, he’s the one who has trapped the jackson dude and he’s in it with the witch. Jerk ceo can’t see caramel succeed and he’s making sure caramel can’t survive in the industry and the band knows that blue and green are not siblings and blue meets face to face with the jackson dude.

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