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Are their new and interesting dramas to watch? I have some free time but I’m scared to start a new drama…what if it sucks? And I have this habit that I complete the drama that I have started even if bores me to death *coughmrscop2cough*

Mrs. Cop2 (episode 16-18)


Thank God two more episodes to go. I can’t watch an episode in one sitting or I’ll doze off. I don’t understand why there’s forced humor and I don’t want to talk about the lack of acting or may be the characters were written like this.

Mor Mahal (episode 2)


The drama should have been titled “Manipulative Palace” instead of Mor Mahal. Mor means peacock and you can see in the title picture there is peacock in the alphabet O of the word Mor and Mahal means Palace.

The episode was a bit slow and I don’t mind it after all the drama most likely will have 45-50 episodes Eeeehhhhh O.O and it airs once a week O.O how many years will that make?

It’s about time I learn the names and why does everyone have two names!! Anyways, I think I need to keep the dictionary with me because of the HEAVY words but then that’s the beauty of the language of old times. Yes, there are few words that go right above my head and can we get over with “consummating the marriage” I have lost count how many times the word “shab-e-urosi” was said. Yes, the deed never happened between the third wife’s maid Banki and the emperor, Asif Jahan, because the first wife drank the poison (fake poison). I mixed up last time. I called the first wife the second. So the first wife is Wazeer Begum aka Farukh Zaad. She’s the control of the palace and has a son, Teimur, the heir to the throne. She threatens Asif Jahan that she’s the power to overthrow him and can make him on of her eunuchs….wut? Ahahhaha she’s amazing.

The second wife, Surraya, is expecting. Thank you drama for clearing this up.

The third wife, Mehr Bano, who is in love with someone else is as manipulative as a fox. She survives the fall, God knows why she didn’t have a broken rib or a bone, anyways, she wants her maid Banki to pose as her in front of the emperor from now on so she can long for her lover and run to him. The hell, why does Banki have to sacrifice herself for her owner? Banki saw a secret passage in the palace and this will be the door of freedom to Mehr Bano, if no one catches her that is.

The maids of all the wives are loyal to them. Wazeer Begum has Shaista, Mehr Bano has Banki and I forgot the name of Surraya’s maid because there was no mention of either of them in this episode.

Badshah begum, mother of the emperor, get her happiness ruined by Wazeer begum. Mother dearest knows how cunning her daughter-in-law is but she can’t do anything as her own son is blindly in love with Wazeer begum and he can’t see her heartbroken or dead.

I really like Sania Saeed and she is known for her curly hair but what the hell happened here? What died on her head? She plays Akhtari, a diviner? loyal to Badshah begum and she badly needs to comb her hair.

Vampire Dectective (episode 6)

vamp de

What does VV want from San? I know her name is Yona but I’ll call her VV because frankly speaking I forgot her name earlier and she just pops in and out and because I’m dumb I can’t connect her to the story. What happened to the pendant girl aka evil puppy?

I knew who was the killer in this episode oooohh I’m getting good at this but I only pointed out the male and not the partner, which means I have a long way to go to become a detective but I don’t want to become one.

Most important question. How the hell did everyone recognize each other after 20 years? If they were in contact then its fine but no way in hell you can recognize someone after long 20 years.

Neighborhood lawyer Jo Deul ho (episode 11-12)

deul ho

Deul ho who always help people needs help himself to prove his innocence. Ji wook be a nice guy. I know you are or just die in some ditch if you’re not and while going give me back my sympathy I had for you.

This Micheal or bicycle needs to be thrown in the jail with his father and all the people this duo wronged shall run the Daehwa company.

Entertainer (episode 5-6)


Poor Caramel does not know what to do and how to solve Blue’s problem and goes into hiding. The real offender is the guy Caramel brought up, the Jackson dude- whatever his name is and he’s not willing to confess. Witch gets herself into Ktop because she has their weakness. Okay I hate him and witch, why ruin someone’s life just to have what you want?

The rest of the Tantara band reunites under one roof and move to Seoul and Pink also helps them. Pink is from a wealthy family but no one knows and she wants to hide this fact and she has the sweetest relationship with her father and yes, its sad that she doesn’t meet him much.

Blue accidentally sees Caramel and asks him to come back and he does and eepp caramel was gone for 6 months. Anyways the band gets a drummer. He’s so naive and pure and I’ll call him white, before I was going for crazy cute or mama’s boy or nerdy. Ahem. I like how the new characters are introduced so easily. We get a clown and he rents out the studio for our band and he knows Caramel and Blue’s brother and he’s hiding something, according to him Ktop’s big jerk owner was the one who killed Blue’s brother.

 Caramel the once prideful man kneels so he can help his band to move forward and I think this new pepper man is gonna win my heart like Pink did. She knows how hard it’s for Caramel and she takes him to a psychiatrist for help . 

Ktop’s a huge company but has a little heart and so they block the Tantara band in any way possible. Cheap skates and losers hmph. 

Why is blue suddenly having “feelings” towards green? I know there not siblings but this is quite sudden. Maybe he feels threatened now that Caramel is in the picture.


5 comments on “Weekly Watching

  1. Jo says:

    At the moment, Im into Heavens Promise but that’s 100 ep and we’re on ep 68 I love it but it lagged in the 20’s and I’m watching a 140 ep show called Tomorrow victory because of the girls I follow on twitter haha I just like their commentary 😀. Did you finish or watch Marriage contract. Also. I had the same question about Vampire Detective…how did the ly recognize each other haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      100 and 140 episodes??? *gulps* you have an amazing stamina girl.
      yes, i’m watching Marriage contract but i have only watched the first episode and Uee looks so different. i miss her chubby/puffy look.
      there should be another case on how to recognize someone you saw 20 years back. ahahha

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        Yes, I know its long but I love the actress, she’s great at daily dramas and sometimes I shock myself when I watch 100 to 140 ep dramas haha. I cried during Marriage Contract and my firend said the same, she misses Uee’s chubby cheeks I kind of do too because she was so adorable. And yes, because I still don’t understand how they could recognize each other.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          its very rare i watch a drama which has 50+ episodes. i get bored really easily. sometimes 16 episode dramas make me Zzzzzzzz.
          yay i watched the second episode of MC. I’m slowly progressing and thank you now i will keep tissues with me while watching. i can’t be caught crying for a drama. that would be embarrassing.

          Liked by 1 person

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