Weekly Watching


Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul ho (episode 9-10)

deul ho

and here I thought the shameless woman’s case would end easily but in the end she got what she deserved. Why is the law harsh only for Deul ho and the people who help him? Thanks for the memory trip and tears. I still want Deul ho to be together with his family. We did get the reason for separation. Deul ho was neglectful towards his family and then he’s honest and this would have made his father-in-law a bad man so he was forced out of everything. Grrrr. The great Daehwa group who has prosecutors and lawyers in his back pocket is back in the picture.

I really like the comic timing and the warm fuzzies the drama delivers. More I want MORE

Vampire detective (episode 5)

vamp de

I like the show because of its amusing and funny moments and of course waiting for the panic attack and I like to play the guessing game too, guessing who is the criminal and not when the panic attack will come. So when is it due?

Mor Mahal (Episode 1)


FINALLY after waiting for years and years we get a historical drama from Pakistan. I’ll be honest I was looking forward to this but I never knew the release date and was jumping like a monkey when I saw it has started.

The setting is of Mughal era and with it comes heavy dresses and heavy jewelry with heavy betrayal and heavy backstabbing. I’m so looking forward to all of this. I really enjoyed the first episode. It introduced an emperor with three wives. The first one has lost any hope of seeing her husband again even though she’s carrying his child. Why in the world she’s not getting the most respected treatment? The second one has the authority and she knows her husband will come for her but her hopes are shattered because of the emperor’s mother. Mother dearest wishes her son to consummate his marriage with the third wife and the third wive doesn’t even love her husband and he isn’t interested in her either because it’s a political marriage and the third wife is in love with someone else. She can’t have the emperor touch her so she asks her maid to take her place and she jumps from the window. It works because the emperor haven’t seen her so she thinks this simple looking girl is his wife. He’s smitten by the maid and wishes to give her a higher status. Second wife in jealousy takes poison. Awesome.

Mrs Cop2 (episode 11-15)


I called our villain charming because of his smile/smirk and he’s smart and seriously scary. He knows how to use others weakness but everything has an end and I wonder why this drama isn’t ending soon. I thought it had 16 episodes but 20 is the right answer.

Entertainer (episode 3-4)


What in the world happened??? The first two episodes were re-edited and re-aired! Why? For me the start was decent and I actually enjoyed them. I know there was a lot of negativity but I don’t think there was any need for a do-over. I haven’t watched the edited version so I don’t know what kind of changes were made.

I decided to give nicknames to the characters. Geu rin = green (thank you subbers) Ha neul = blue, duh!, bassist, the guy with the little boy, = yellow because he’s always smiling and bright, Kyle, the guitarist, = orange, he’s passionate and fierce and finally Suk ho = caramel. I know it’s not a color but an animal, wait that’s camel…I know…I know it’s a flavor.

Moving on to the new episodes. Can our new band find their happiness? Can blue get the justice he deserves? Will the evil witch come clean about the truth? What will caramel do now that he knows who the real culprit is? Can I slap jerk face (Kim Joo han)? Can we not push the romance please between green and caramel! I like caramel with Min Joo better. Don’t worry girl I’ll get you a nickname. How about pink? So green and blue are not siblings. Green stayed with Blue’s parents after her parents died and blue’s brother and caramel were friends and so caramel and blue have recognized each other 



5 comments on “Weekly Watching

  1. Jo says:

    I need to catch up on Vampire Detective and OMG its been over a decade or a little longer since I watched a Pakistani drama or Indian drama too. Mor Mahal sounds really good and Im not too sure about the Entertainer idk it doesn’t speak to me.


    • Miss Khan says:

      you can understand urdu/hindi? i have stopped watching Indian dramas since i was born hahaha. seriously i have never followed an Indian drama from the beginning. i don’t have time to watch 8+ years of nonsense. God knows what happened to Pakistani dramas.at one time the dramas were known for crisp, short and realistic portrayals and now they have started to follow the Indian trends.
      I’m enjoying Entertainer but the romance part is a NO-NO for me.
      i’m following Vampire detective just because i want to know what went wrong, why was San betrayed by his “friends”. why isn’t the drama unfolding that secret?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        I wish 😊 I used to watch them when I hung out with my friends back in elem and middle (with their moms) I also used to watch novellas too haha. Their moms used to interpret them for me OMG its been so long. And yeah, I can’t watch Entainer idk I just can’t see that pairing and I need to know why the betrayed San and I also need to see an EPIC battle between him and “the evil one”

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          i couldn’t watch Indian dramas even though i knew the language. All of my classmates and their families were fans of those dramas and when my classmates use to discuss the episode i was like (-.-) (<..>) (-.-)
          i might lose interest in Entertainer too if the romance takes the front seat and i don’t want this to happen.
          God knows when will the battle come and it feels like San is using less and less of his “vampire powers”

          Liked by 1 person

          • Jo says:

            Haha 😂😂😂and I agree, San needs to us his powers or maybe he just want to admit that he’s changed?


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