Weekly Watching


I’m back and the top picture is quite childish…scary?. Making collages is a hard work. I’m supersized myself because I never left even though I said I would. But I kept my promise of not watching anything new but seems like Netflix didn’t get my memo or why would they release the complete second season of Daredevil at once???? Why would you do this to me??? I’m a woman of word and I endured and endured with patience running out every single time but I made it. So now I’m free I can watch whatever I want.

I started two dramas, Neighborhood lawyer Jo Deul Ho/ My Lawyer Mr. Jo (episode 1-4) and Vampire Detective (episode 1-2).

Okay I hate this thing but I can’t remember the names. 


Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho/ My Lawyer Mr. Jo

deul ho

First of all Park Shin Yang is back and one of my reason to watch this drama and second the teasers were quite entertaining.

I like the humor and the warmness and I also like all the characters, just want to see how can Mr. Jo fight for the justice. Once he was a prosecutor, had a wife and a kid and every thing was taken from him because he was an honest man. Surviving as the homeless man for couple of years, he comes back and stands in the court room opposite to where he was before.

It’s a law based drama and I don’t know anything about it so I’ll just go with everything the drama will feed me.

I really like the gangster guy and his little gang and hope they never change sides. Love the secretary to Deul Ho. Kang So Ra is as beautiful as ever and I hope her character catches the evilness of her firm soon, even though she has gotten suspicious but she still looks naive. Ryu Soo Young the charming guy but his character is pitiful. His character is not evil or bad at least to me. He only wants to be acknowledged by his father, who thinks he can’t beat Deul Ho yet.

Who talks while standing in the middle of the road? Was the truck driver blind?

Why didn’t Deul Ho checked the contents of the USB before presenting to the court?

These are the things I knew will happen while I was watching though it made me sigh and face palm but hey! No one is perfect.

Vampire Detective

vamp de.jpg

I randomly clicked on this one because I was searching for an “easygoing” drama.

Does San know that he’s a vampire? I don’t think so? Got to admit he has great friends the funny guy and the doc doesn’t freak out in front of him when they realize there’s something “going on” with him.

I was freaking out when I saw Jae Hee. Is that him? He looks different? He looks mature. Its been such a long time since I have seen him….KKYYYAAAAA and he dies in the first episode and he’s the one who makes San into a vampire not by biting his neck or anywhere else but by injecting something in his body. Then there’s kitty living with the detective boys, sister to Jae Hee’s character and then there is puppy an evil one, she shot San and then she died herself or maybe she’s still alive and that’s a mystery San is trying to solve.

It’s funny how both the dramas have scooby gangs


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