Weekly Watching

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Signal (ep 15-16 END), Jang Youngsil (ep 20-21), Mars J-version (ep 8)


Go ahead and watch this drama and decide for yourself if you want to continue or not. I will not force it on anyone because everything is not for everyone and I almost stopped watching this drama on episode 1 and guess what episode 1 was what got me hooked to this amazing masterpiece.

An open end and yet a satisfying end. If there is not a season 2 I would not complain but if there is I’m willing to wait but the cast and crew have to be the same.

Nothing is going as planned, the history’s repeating itself. Jae Han failed to save Sun Woo and his own life’s in danger even though the present day Soo Hyun warns him that he will die.

Hae Young gets arrested on the false charges, of killing the chief, and Soo Hyun helps him escape. She wants to save Jae Han no matter what and the price for changing the past is Hae Young’s life. He gets shot saving Soo Hyun. He waits and waits for the walkie to come to life but it never happens…on the other side Jae Han’s walkie comes to life but it’s the Hae Young who is listening the transmission for the fist time…NOOOOOOO

Hae Young dies.

And the past changes. Jae Han is alive and proves Sun Woo’s innocence but because of the corrupt politician Jae Han disappears once again. The damn chief of Jae Han dies, good riddance.

Present day, Hae Young is alive but nothing is same anymore. All the familiar places and familiar faces are unfamiliar. He finds a letter, Jae Han left for him because he’s not getting any transmissions, it has all the black and bad deeds of the politician and Hae Young exposes it. All left is to find one person who knows everything, Soo Hyun, and he finds her. She clearly remembers everything that happened. Like Hae Young she got a dead phone call in the past and a text message in the present and she thinks its Jae Han. They both leave with hope in search of him and they are not the only one, the goons are after Jae Han too send by the politician.

Present day Jae Han’s at the hospital. He’s been hiding for 15 years….and the walkie that he still has comes to life…

11:23 the time the walkie got the life was the time when Jae Han died…the first time. But they never revealed why sometimes it was day on one side and night on the other.

The watch Soo Hyun always wore was a present by Jae Han.

Loved every single thing, be it the writing or the direction, the actors, the OST, the makeup and wardrobe, loved how it kept changing with the years, in short SIGNAL IS LOVE.

Jang Youngsil

Here I was thinking Hee Je should choose a side before the drama ends and he chose the good side before his life ended. Who am I going to pick from now on?

Science in Joseon times is getting success and the scholars are still not willing to believe in it but rather on the superstitions. Everyone likes and praises Youngsil more than the king. Will the king get jealous? Youngsil’s friend hears Youngsil is getting honors and titles because he’s close to the king and they will not be able to achieve what he has.


Damn Shiori didn’t die but one thing is good that she won’t bother Rei and Kira again…hopefully. Rei and Kira are fighting for couple of episodes now and then Kira runs to him and Makio is there to stop him but his opinion isn’t important to her.

Didn’t Makio met Rei in the mental hospital? This was in the original right? Why is the flashbacks showing they were in school together with Sei? Every time the flashback show Sei and Rei my blood boils…they were supposed to be twins and after Sei’s death Rei couldn’t look in the mirror or I’m remembering wrong?!?!


4 comments on “Weekly Watching

  1. Jo says:

    Mars-As long as she doesn’t bother the otp that is fine and yes, they Maiko and Rei did not meet in school and yes, you should be annoyed that Sei abd Rei are not teins because that is a part of his trauma life and this version apparently doesn’t cate. Haha, thanks again for sticking with the drama 😀😀


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